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What is Cancer?

                        The Spirit of Cancer


"I GOT THE SPIRIT IN ME"                               

Allyson Lovina Phelan


There are many SPIRITS among us. The SPIRIT of generosity, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, bravery, joy, Motherhood, LOVE and the list goes on and on.

As you view each segment of this documentary, I hope you feel inspired to stand up to cancer, do the work necessary to survive and thrive through each difficult moment and for your own inner peace embrace:

                          THE SPIRIT OF CANCER

Hi :) My name is Allyson Lovina Phelan and it is so lovely to meet you!


I am a wife and Mother to two amazing works of art named Sophia Lovina and Connor Elvis. I'm also a cancer crusher and completed fighting stage 3 colon cancer in 2013. My sister, Carolyn was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 12 years old. Carolyn is a survivor but has suffered the horrific effects of chemotherapy and radiation. She lives in a nursing home, is confined to a wheelchair, and is completely dependent. I have experienced both sides of cancer and they are equally devastating. Sadly, my beloved sister earned her angel wings on May 9th, 2020. Rest beautiful angel, rest.




Once the cancer diagnosis bomb was dropped my life changed in an instant and forever…

as is all of ours. The first thing I searched for was knowledge about this disease and my particular type of cancer. For the most part the only information I could find while surfing the internet sent me into a tailspin of terror and desperation. So I made a pledge that very first day to give back BIG and create a social forum where we can unite through positivity, compassion & support. You will only find hope and love here.




After finding the educated information I so anxiously desired from my doctors I continued on my journey. The next thing I longed for were examples of others who have been through this ordeal, fought cancer, and won. I needed to hear stories about survivors. I needed hope. I began my research and found endless accounts from friends, family, celebrities, and athletes that DID inspire me. I had to know that others had fought this evil disease and won. I had to believe that I could do the same. I believed I could. I did. YOU WILL TOO.




By definition:


The ability to see clearly and intuitively into the nature of a complex person, situation, or subject.


We can discover, learn and apply when equipped with knowledge. Insight into the world of cancer will give us the power to explore options, make good decisions, and clear choices.


My goal is to share information, inspiration, insight and ultimately save lives. Young, old, every type of cancer, everywhere in the world, everyone~all of us.


 This is OUR Story        #WE ARE ONE







   Colon Cancer Awareness Month                                Billboard Campaign

March 2016

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