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The 31 Days of March

Colorectal AwarenEss Campaign 2016

Colorectal AwarenEss

Campaign 2017




March 29th, 2017

CRC-WOW's/Colorectal Cancer
Words of Wisdom, #31daysofmarch


Experiencing life lemons allowed me to understand what it truly means to be grateful on a whole other level and because of that I really do live life differently.

Here are some of the things I am now grateful for that I never considered before:

*The bathtub:
This was my salvation I would take baths almost every day, sometimes more than once. It was here that I found relief for the many excruciating side effects.

*Hot water to help ease my pain. And not only did I have hot water but I had endless amounts of hot water.

*I had headaches… almost migraines that lasted a week but I had medication to help me through.

*I suffered from a severe aversion to anything that was cold…my hands were almost useless but I had hot pocket packs to warm them and mittens that I wore all the time, even in summer.

*I could not drink anything cold but I had hot ginger tea and chicken noodle soup that allowed me to swallow without too much pain.

*I had the option to receive Chemotherapy

*I was referred to a counselor to help me cope and to come to terms with my own mortality.

*I had a great Medical Plan and was treated by the best surgeons,
nurses and hospitals.

*I could not smell the flowers that so many people sent but I could admire their beauty.

*I lost my appetite and lots of weight but I could fit into my Jordache jeans from the 10th grade 😊

*My skin was dry I had lotion.

*My back ached I had a heating pad.

*My body shivered but I had blankets.

*I Could not sleep… Ambien.

*Lots of tears but plenty of tissues… the kind with the added lotion.

*Indoor plumbing… no need to elaborate on that one.

*Oprah and Dr. Phil 
Hours and hours of just laying doing nothing because I was so ill but I had entertainment and learned about spiritual leaders and those who inspire.

*My Community
I could not contribute to the community but the community took care of me. Witnessing so many random acts of kindness often left me speechless. I experienced humanity at its highest level and that was awe-inspiring.

*Thank You Notes
I have over 100 hundred thank you notes 
To write but at least I have someone to thank.

*My Best Friend Theresa 
Of more than 30 years who lives in a Canada was able to spend time with me only because we have *airplanes and pilots. Theresa traveled 3 times within that year leaving her own family to come help mine.

*Helen Ready because she wrote I am woman.

*Kelly Clarkson because she wrote Stronger which is my new theme song.

*My Mom 
Who was not able to be here with me and that was extremely difficult. But we had phones and she mothered me through those many miles, comforting me with the love that only a devoted mother can give.

I could not take care of my own children but their father could. 
He did an amazing job of being Super Dad and picked up where I left off without skipping a Beat.

I could not always go to Church on Sunday but God is everywhere and we became very close. You know I would ask him for help and he helped. In the literal sense. It was miraculous. It was Wondrous.

*Sophia Lovina & Connor Elvis
The two most amazing blessings that God has gifted me with… my children. They gave me Hope. Motivation. A reason. Unconditional love. Sophia and Connor saved my life. Literally. They are my life support and there are no words to explain how GRATEFUL I am to be their Mom.

Gratitude is being thankful for what you have. 
Because what you have is truly all you need.

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