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A Smile A Day~

Helps Keep Cancer Away

How to get Through Cancer with a






1. The first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is say thank you to your higher power for all your many blessings and ask for help as you navigate through another day.  Do this several times a day and before bed as well.


 2. Once diagnosed DO NOT go to the web for information.  Consult your doctors and other professional so you can receive correct information.


 3. Decide who is going to be on your team. Keep your team tight and make sure that they are not only “nice” but dependable.


  4. Keep ALL negative, draining, toxic people away from you… this includes family members as well as friends.


 5. Research support groups/resources that deal with your specific cancer.  There are many private and “invite only” groups which are usually legitimate on the web.


 6. Mediate every day.  If you think you do not know how to mediate or do not like to mediate just sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Choose phrase/mantra and repeat over and over.  Visualize what health means for you. For example, I would mediate in the bathtub, repeat prayers and visualize light.  I also STILL repeat throughout the day:


I am healthy. I am happy. I am whole.


7. Media: Only watch, read and listen to positive content. Stay away from dark topics.


Movies that will lift you up AND motivate you:




The Blind Side

Gerry Maguire

The Pursuit of Happyness


 8. Do not get stuck: in your mind, chemo cave or illness.  Make yourself get up.  Go outside and sit on a bench… watch life in action.


 9. Give a home to a low maintenance pet: a cat or small dog.  They will shower you with attention, make you get up to feed them, do their business and will provide 100% unconditional love.


 10. Submit to the process.  Whatever it is you are going through you must accept the process however difficult it is. Fighting it will only weaken you in every way and lengthen the pain. Acceptance will help you heal.


 11. Thought Stopping: Whenever you have a bad or scary thought or find yourself going down the rabbit hole, STOP. Go back to your mantra and replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.


 12. Call a friend.  Know who to call for what and when.  You need your 911 friend.  This is the person who can to talk you off the ledge when you feel desperation, anxiety and fear.  This person should be someone who will respond right away to a 911 txt or voice mail.


 13. In regards to chemo/radiation treatments: Bless the chemo as it enters your body. Be grateful that you have the privilege of having access to treatments that can heal you and again… submit to the process. Hydration the 2nd after will really help you feel better.


 14. Stay on top of your pain killers!  Do not worry about becoming addicted or taking too many.  Follow doctor’s orders and be responsible when managing your own pain.


 15. Make sure you like your doctor/nurses/team.  You have the right to be surrounded by the people YOU choose. If something or someone is not working for you make a change.  Listen to your instincts they are usually correct.


 16. If eating food is difficult try this:  first say a prayer and ask for help in getting the food down.  Then take 5 bites.  Break. 5 bites. Break. 5 bites.  If this is all you can eat then fine. At least you have had 15 bites. Drink ANYTHING you want.


 17. It is ok to cry.  So go and cry.  Then stop and get back to work.  Your JOB is to get healthy.  You can cry HAPPY tears when you are back to your new normal.


 18. Laugh.  As much as you can.  Watch comedies. Forgettaboutit for awhile.  Laughter is the BEST medicine.


 19. Allow help for yourself and help others. Giving is the greatest gift you give to YOURSELF.


 20. Write, paint, dance, sing, read, etc… whatever it is that makes you feel gooood.   

Forget about dying and ~